Friday, January 28, 2005

In London

It is rainy and grey here, but I arrived no problems,
so that is good. I am off shortly to the Science
museum, if I can find it. For some reason London
seems a very different kind of place this time, maybe
because I can't tell what kind of neighborhood I am
in. There is a Marks and Sparks next to a Gap on the
High Street, and some small townhouses on a Mew behind
the hotel, and a store that sells 800£ silver mustard
containers just up the street from the internet cafe
where I sit now.

All a bit disorienting, especially after the Tube ride
in from Heathrow, on which I was listening to some
South African girl explaining to her newly arrived
friends about how she had got in trouble for
accidently alerting another girl that the man she was
seeing was married. There was a lot more to it than
that of course.

The thing that felt most home-like was all the
graffiti on the walls the train passed by. Felt like


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