Thursday, February 24, 2005

Girl in a chair

girlchair, originally uploaded by efroymson.

This little girl was at the wedding on Friday. I thought this pose looked cute, although makeup on small children always creeps me out just a bit (shades of that murdered child in Colorado whose name (like so many things in this weather) I cannot recall).

I have many many more pictures. I printed some out at a shop here yesterday, and was very pleased. I took a few pictures in "High" resolution mode, but I think there is little point, as the inevitable blurring from shooting handheld was becoming visible. At least I don't think it was out-of-focus blurring I was seeing, as the depth of field should have covered it.

Anyway, the camera is a lot of fun. Have I mentioned how many people ask to have their pictures taken?

I also brought along an MD recorder, but I will wait until my return to create some MP3s and put them somewhere. I recorded some bird song in the country side, a concert Mahbub arranged, and a concert at the Goethe Institut, but that one did not come out well, as I was trying to hide the mics, and it sounds like it was recorded in a bathtub.


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