Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Secret weapons factory

One of the coolest places in Israel. A secret factory outside Tel Aviv, used to manufacture 9mm ammunition for the Sten guns (primitive sub-machine guns) used by the Haganah in pre-state Israel. I had never heard of this place, but can heartily recommend it to any visitor.

I was reminded of the movie "The Great Escape" in that both detail a secret underground operation, with moving equipment to cover access points, snooping yet not 100% competent guards, and true heroism.

The Ayalon institute. Go.

Also visited the Palmach Museum, which was very moving. The Palmach was the striking force of the Haganah. In the War of Independence they suffered 25% losses, which is rather staggering. The museum is an interesting combination of Tableau Vivant, Cinema, and Narration. Training, operations, and a brief history of the War are all covered.

It ends with poem commemerating those who died.

I can't say any more, but you should go see it as soon as you can.


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