Friday, March 04, 2005


Momos are a sort of Chinese dumpling, except that the Bhutanese version can have cheese as well. Of course there are ones with meat, but I did not try those. I had a dinner at the tour operators house, and she had some excellent Momos with cheese and vegetables.

The main dishes here seem to be a sort of "au gratin" with chilis. I have had potato and mushroom versions. There is also a version with just the chilis.

I also enjoyed a cold dish made of fresh chopped chilis, tomatos, onions and cheese. Very spicy, but delicious.

The internet is a bit difficult here, so if I owe you an email, I apologize. I was going to put up a picture of a yak for you to admire as well, but Flickr seems to have changed its UI, or something went wrong, because I could not get it. Try:
this yak?

which should work.

I also saw some black-necked cranes in Gangtey, but could not get a good picture as I do not have a telephoto lens (a definite limitation of rangefinder cameras).

I am leaving Bhutan tomorrow for Shanghai via Bangkok, a long day.

Perhaps the internet in China will be more amenable to blogging.

A few last random impressions from Bhutan:
The cows that graze on the edges of the steep cliffs. We saw one dead in the road that had fallen, they are not mountain goats after all.

The roads that are one lane wide but have two way traffic, including large Tata trucks and buses. Not much in the way of guardrails either, which makes for some excitement.

The Dzongs are ancient fortress/monestery/government office buildings. This is a Buddhist country, no churches allowed. "Seperation of Church and State" definitely does not exist. Although since 1907 they have a King, rather than a priest/king.

Beautiful forests, lawns of shrubby bamboo, flowering rhododendron trees, wild peaches. A "zoo" with only Takin, a sort of deer that is the national animal. Even saw a baby one.


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