Friday, June 17, 2005


Church, originally uploaded by efroymson.

I think I might get to like B&W photography. I am not sure if Gus or I took this picture, but I do like it. Could have been a bit closer cropped, there is a slight problem with the Camera I have, in that there is no 25mm viewfinder, so again you have to guess, and the guessing goes beyond the edge of the frame.

Gus seems to be getting the basics of hyperfocal focussing, and sunny 16 metering, which is cool.

He has posted some more things on his blog, you can read them there. He informs me that the problems you will see are not the spelling issues they seem, but are typing issues.

We are in Gdansk now, it is (as we were told) very beautiful. After another lengthy visit to a train station we acquired overnight tickets to Berlin. For some reason every attempt (except in Cracow) to purchase a long distance train ticket has been very painful. There are no automatic ticket dispensers here, and the women who work at the counters seem to have to do a number of odd things to fill the requests. I can say that our tickets were always pretty easy, and were printed out automatically, but occasionally someone will want to exchange a ticket, or will have a more difficult request that involves going into the back room, or filling out a variety of forms in handwriting.


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