Monday, June 20, 2005

Kart World

We went to the grocery store near our place this morning to get some food. We are staying in an apartment, not a hotel, so there is a kitchen, and room to spread out. We got watermelon, yoghurt, bread and cheese. We are planning the rest of our trip. I was thinking of going to Cologne next, but we have had several suggestions to go to Hamburg, so the trip now looks like:

Hamburg-Amsterdam-Brussels-Avignon-Nice-Barcelona-Madrid-San Sebastian-Bordeaux-Paris

Possibly Bruges but I changed it to Brussels after noting the difficulty of the connections. Also Nice is really in the wrong direction, does anyone know if there are good places on the coast of France closer to Spain? And I am not sure if we should go to Bilbao, or San Sebastian. In any case we have tonight and tomorrow night here in Berlin, then we need to get to Hamburg, but that at least looks pretty easy, per the train schedule.

Today we went to Ku-damm to do some shopping, but I was frustrated in my intention to get an old pair of rimless glasses remade, as the price was semi-astronomical, and then there was a 100 euro charge for shipping the finished product back to Solms. My current pair is fine, and will continue to serve. The camera shop I stopped in at to enquire about getting my Leica lens fixed (don't ask) was willing to send it to Solms for me, so that too will have to wait until our return. In any case I got a good deal on an old titanium (pre-ASPH) 1.4 35mm, and have been using it, though I have not taken so many pictures here as in Poland.

Possibly I am still bummed out by having the guy in an internet cafe in Sopot manage to screw up my SD card. Especially irksome given that I went around the world with it, and managed to back it up onto CD even in Bhutan with no trouble. I feel especially angry, since I forgot to lock it when I first handed it to him, and thus it may be partly my fault. I wound up buying a couple more to use until I get back, in hopes that I can get the data recovered from one of the providers of that service. There were some great shots of break-dancers and I would really like to see them in full, the view on the back of the camera was really good.

After Ku-damm we went to the Kart racing place whose address Gus had copied down from a bulletin board. Neither of us did terribly well, but as it was our first time I suppose I should not be too hard on us. I was exhausted after it was over, I think I was tensing my entire upper body, as if I had to push the car around the corners. It was fun to get the little thing going sideways, but it did not seem to help, the blasted little German kids kept passing me anyway. Next time I will try to figure out "the line" and follow it.

After that we went to the Staats Opfer for a chamber concert. They played Mozart and some others. It was quite nice, the room had a marble inlay floor, and of course gilt plaster walls. The Staats Kappelle was very good, but I can't work up much enthusiasm for describing it, perhaps I am not such a chamber music fan. Or perhaps I am just tired.


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