Tuesday, June 14, 2005

To Auschwitz

We are planning on going to Auschwitz today. In all honesty I am not looking forward to it, as you can probably imagine. Nonetheless, since it is not far from here, and it is the Sixtieth year since the liberation, it seems an obvious thing to do.

In the meantime we are attempting to find a place where we can get our clothes laundered. I must have misunderstood the woman at the hotel as we walked a good distance in the direction I thought she indicated without seeing anything like a laundry.

At least we found an internet cafe where the keyboard works reasonably well, and (perhaps due to the time of day) there is a relative lack of cigaret smoke. As a Californian, Europe seems a very smoky place.

The breakfast here is not as good as at the Radisson in Warsaw, which was almost up to Israeli hotel breakfast standards, but the bread is very good, and the butter and cheese and jam are all top notch. Some of the cheese is the sliced kind, but there is something like cottage cheese that is also good.

Last night we headed for an Italian place recommended on the map we had, but found a Wegetarian place, and ate there instead. It was pretty good, though as the saying goes "Hunger is the best sauce" and after a day of walking around town we were both pretty hungry.

Also got a Polish Sim card for my phone, and put a few zlotys on it. If you really want to you can try to call:
00 48 510 461 773

Kinda cute that I got a 510 in there ...


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