Sunday, September 25, 2005

18 Reasons to fight the War in Iraq

1) Every day American and Iraqi forces kill and capture terrorists.
2) The terrorists are drawn to Iraq and die there.
3) They don't come to America to kill us here.
4) The Iraqis are voting on a constitution, a first in the Arab world.
5) Egyptian multi-candidate elections? Syria out of Lebanon? No coincidence.
6) It is not about being pro-War, but about recognizing a War when there is one.
7) Saddam was a murderer.
8) He had abandoned his WMD program, but wouldn't prove it.
9) Withdrawing will be seen as weakness.
10) Weakness will lead to more attacks by our enemies.
11) Yes we do have enemies, they destroyed the World Trade Center.
12) Yes I know Iraqis had nothing to do with that.
13) But the people we are capturing and killing in Iraq now sure did.
14) When they murder Iraqis it is a tragedy that proves their heartlessness.
15) They don't call it Al-Qaeda in Iraq for nothing.
16) Democratic politics in Iraq will lead to real leaders.
17) The terrorists will have fewer and fewer friends.
18) Democratic countries don't fight each other.


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