Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mexican Food

As anyone who has been to Mexico already knows, Mexican food is not the same as ¨Mexican Food¨ in the USA. Veracruz is known for its fish. Yesterday I ordered a salmon filet and it was rather dull until I put some of the salsa from the table on it. The olive oil the waiter brought out was also helpful, as was the lime from the bowl of them that came at the same time as the chips and salsa.

Last night we found a place in Boca del Rio that was really tasty. I saw an old woman going ¨pat pat pat¨ with some tortillas, then dropping them into hot oil. Decided that Empañadas would be a good idea, and it turned out that they were. Some with potatoes and some with tuna.

Also ordered a cheese enchilada with the salsa verde. We were warned that the green was very hot, but insisted to the waiter that we could handle it. He seemed impressed, if we understood him correctly we were the first Americans to eat it, usually gringos prefer a tomato sauce.

It is raining, so we ate a hotel breakfast this morning. Lots of really good fruit, and some of the best fresh grapefruit juice ever. The pineapple here is very sweet and juicy. Yesterday we missed the opening hours of San Juan Ullua (the fortress by the port) and got some pineapple and mango from a vendor as a consolation prize. He put chile, salt and lime on it, which oddly was good. I guess it is not so odd, I remember putting salt on watermelon as a child.


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