Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mexico City

We are in Mexico city now. Stopped off at Cholula on the way. I recommend it, there is a pyramid there that was built over the centuries. Every 52 years they would cover the old one with a new. It is not completely uncovered, but you can see parts of it, and there are tunnels to go into it. We took a guided tour, so it was not as mysterious as some of the things we have seen on this trip.

There is a church on top of the mound, a Spanish response to the habit formerly indulged in of decapitating children on the temple there. I suppose a church is a good way to inhibit human sacrifice. There was a service in progress when we were up there, the attendees had all climbed a good number of stairs.

It was a bit of a relief to turn in the car here today. Driving in Mexico is not too bad, but Mexico city really is a bit nuts. It was funny, as we drove in everything looked familiar. There was not a block that you could not have seen in Puebla say (except the ones with skyscrapers perhaps). The thing that defines the city is the extent. It just goes on and on.

We are staying in the Zona Rosa, which used to be very hip, but is now a bit touristy. It has been a while since I saw as many Japanese people on the street. Not even my last visit to NYC I think. There are even a number of Korean restaurants here.

Some political excitement, we came in on Reforma, which was blocked in the opposite direction by numerous protestors sitting on the pavement. When we were walking around after checking in to the hotel we saw a couple of bus loads of riot police. They did not look like they were in a hurry to get anywhere, but they sure looked serious. Black Samurai style helmets, armour, leggings, all black. Before we left, noticed that the next big demo is scheduled for saturday, we leave friday.

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