Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Some museums, and a mall

We visited a couple of museums in the historical center of Mexico City today. There is a Naval museum on the fourth floor of the main post office, which is a marvel worthy of a look in its own right. The museum had many of the same exhibits as the one in Veracruz, so it was a quick visit, sort of a refresher. Did I mention the bit about the Mexican oil tankers sunk in WWII by German U-boats? Off the coast of Texas and Florida? Very interesting.

The Army museum is a block away and rather small.

The Art museum was worth a visit, we saw a film crew doing a documentary on the miracle of the Virgin of Guadalupe. There are some paintings of that event there as well.

Gus had an appointment at a mall out of town, we took public transport there which was a bit of an adventure. The taxi back was rather quicker. The mall was like a mall anywhere, there is perhaps such a thingn as "mall-space". However the papaya in the fruit cup I had was the best in quite a while.

They are stacking the chairs in the internet cafe, so I probably should be off, not to mention that Gus is looking over my shoulder and probably wants to get something to eat. He nods, so I guess I will ....


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