Monday, January 26, 2009

Practical Joke

I recorded an a cappella version of the Alice in Chains "Man in the Box", partly as a test of a a B-stock Blue Baby Bottle mic we got a good deal on, and partly to play a lovely practical joke on Gus. After burning it to an mp3 (click above for a remastered, though still awful, version) I put it on the home stereo, telling him just "listen to this". The topper on the joke was Jeana walking in the room to ask me a question, then listening and saying "Oh, Alice in chains. I like it". She had a bit of difficulty keeping a straight face, as you can imagine.

We are quite sure that the expression on Gus's face was priceless, though he had so thoroughly fallen apart that we could not see it. That means he was slumped over so far in the chair that his face was practically pressed against his chest.

You might not be able to listen to the entire song, and it may not be the version you remember from the Radio, but I did google the lyrics before recording it. Look for an entire album of a cappella versions of 90s hard rock classics to be released ... oh never.


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