Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Midi Patchbay 64 bit version

I decided to rebuild Midi Patchbay as a 64 bit app, and for good measure, put it in the Mac App store.  The rebuild wasn't too difficult, just a few changes to some old code.  Then a bit of messing about in Xcode, and with the icons, and it passes validation.

One difference is that it doesn't seem to be able to talk to the Jack server anymore.  This may be an oddity of my system, or perhaps it is because of the sandboxing.  I don't know!

It seems to take a long time to come up the first time you run it, after that it is quicker.

In any case, I was having some strange Midi issues on my system, and thought that perhaps it might be because this app was only 32 bit.  It seems unlikely that it really was a problem though, the Dropbox mac app is only 32 bit, and they don't seem too concerned about it.

If you find it useful, let me know.


  • Hello, in anticipation for 10.15 and the end of 32bit apps, I was trying to download your 64bit version and was unable to locate it via github or the app store. The latest version I can find was released in 2008. Version 1.0.3 (14).

    Any help? Thanks!


    By Blogger The Wandering Madman, at 25 September, 2018 13:32  

  • I too can't find this app and my 32-bit version will stop working as soon as I upgrade to Catalina. Where can we find th 64-bit version?

    By Blogger Michael, at 23 September, 2019 01:16  

  • Me too. Add me to the list please.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 20 October, 2019 20:27  

  • Me too! This is an essential tool. Please, please. :)

    By Blogger Unknown, at 08 November, 2019 07:28  

  • I found another tool called midi pipe that does similar things, and it's 64-bit and free: See it here

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 November, 2019 20:13  

  • I’m looking for a place to host the file. If anyone wants it, I can email it if you contact me.

    By Blogger efroymson, at 09 November, 2019 20:45  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 11 November, 2019 02:22  

  • You can now download this app from http://b.armory.com/~efroymson/MIDI%20Patchbay.zip

    By Blogger efroymson, at 25 November, 2019 17:21  

  • Holy cow! I'm frankly surprise that this is still alive in its 64-bit form. It works with Catalina and I'm really happy about that. There's a blog on the Presonus site that was posted back in January that referred to the plugin, but the author mentioned that it was the old version from 2008, and thought it was a dead product. The author must not have known about perhaps searching for a 64-bit version, but I did and I'm happy about that. FYI, I copied the working link to the comments section of that blog, just in case other Mac users want it.

    Thank you for keeping it alive!

    By Blogger Velanche, at 18 March, 2020 10:15  

  • I’m glad you found it useful!

    By Blogger efroymson, at 18 March, 2020 10:25  

  • HI! I cant download the App. Is the link still active?
    The Midi Patchbay is the last App in 32 bit on my System. :-/

    By Blogger ap, at 30 May, 2020 06:24  

  • Took me forever to find it but here is the link:

    By Blogger IFM, at 10 July, 2020 06:11  

  • Hi, I can't find a link to download this app. Can someone please help me? I've searched and searched.

    By Blogger Space cactus, at 07 December, 2020 16:55  

  • I have re-activated my Apple Dev ID, so I can try to put this into the App Store again.

    By Blogger efroymson, at 08 December, 2020 09:04  

  • I would appreciate that so much!

    By Blogger Space cactus, at 09 December, 2020 12:39  

  • It is still available here:

    By Blogger efroymson, at 13 December, 2020 11:23  

  • Thanks but I tried and it just times out. I have tried on 2 different computers. Please help.

    By Blogger Space cactus, at 13 December, 2020 13:37  

  • I don't know what to say, I just tried it, and it works fine.

    By Blogger efroymson, at 13 December, 2020 14:17  

  • Wierd. Thanks for verifying. It must be settings on my computer. I'll try to correct that.


    By Blogger Space cactus, at 13 December, 2020 14:19  

  • Got it now. Thank you.

    By Blogger Space cactus, at 13 December, 2020 14:55  

  • Thank you so much

    By Blogger Unknown, at 17 December, 2020 21:05  

  • unfortunately the link does not work. can you provide the download again? thank you!

    By Blogger sig, at 28 July, 2021 06:04  

  • I am working on it!

    By Blogger efroymson, at 12 August, 2021 10:06  

  • Hello Everyone! The app is now available in the Mac App store!!


    By Blogger efroymson, at 18 August, 2021 16:56  

  • How about a version that runs on Big Sur/Monterey? I have someone telling me it does not work. They have not yet tried the Apps Store version yet, just the one linked from notahat.com/midi_patchbay/

    By Blogger Nick, at 29 December, 2021 14:51  

  • Nick, they must use the App Store version

    By Blogger efroymson, at 29 December, 2021 15:42  

  • This is great, the 64 bit update helps me out. I really wish I could find an exact program like this that also passed sysex data. I have mini vmac running connected to virtual MIDI devices, and I'm trying to get the Korg 05R/W editor working. It's very close but as far as I can tell sysex isn't making it to the synth making sending/receiving of patches impossible. I can however edit patches from within mini vmac, which is pretty awesome. The editor itself is very neat, here I have it running on a Mac SE https://imgur.com/gallery/BFzSQOB

    By Blogger Alex, at 31 March, 2022 12:13  

  • Alex, I can pass syses data. I just ran a test of it with one of my synths. It does seem to bundle it up into one huge message, but that may be an artifact of the way I tested. I connected my Moog Voyager RME to Midi Monitor with the patchbay, and did a syses dump. The SysEx data definitely was passed through.

    By Blogger efroymson, at 01 April, 2022 10:38  

  • Thanks @efroymson, I found my problem.

    The Roland UM-ONE was only sending SYSEX one way, it was not accepting the SYSEX being sent from the Korg back to the editor. I swapped in a new MIDI interface to connect the Korg MIDI OUT to my mac, and it works great!

    I now have a working korg editor from mac os 6.0.8 running on Mac OS 10.15 in minivmac

    By Blogger Alex, at 01 April, 2022 11:36  

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