Monday, September 01, 2008

Orrin Hatch and me

So I am on my way to St. Paul, on a mission to take pictures of protesters at the Republican Convention. For some reason Delta thinks the best way from Albuquerque to Minneapolis-St. Paul is through Salt Lake City. Waiting for the plane to leave that airport, I look up from playing FreeCell on my laptop to a familiar looking gentleman who has just sat down by me. Sure enough, it is Senator Orrin Hatch.

We had a nice chat. When I asked if I could take his picture he suggested that I get one with him. This was taken by another Convention attendee, a lawyer who had been talking about the various changes that the Republicans were making in light of Hurricane Gustav (no relation to Gustave). The Senator seemed surprised that there was no flash, but he pretty quickly figured out that I am a bit of a camera buff. I hope to have more pictures up tomorrow.

We shall see in a bit if I can avoid being arrested as a demonstrator while I try to mingle with them. Of course if the RNC welcoming committee (anarchist group) is really doing its job, I might not be able to get anywhere near the eXcel center.


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