Monday, September 08, 2008

The Rioter and the Tourist

And the cameraman and the demonstrator and ...

This one captures something of what it was like in front of the Capitol on the last day of the convention. It was really hard to make a coherent picture, one that included just what I wanted and nothing else. In the end, it was easiest to give up any notion of that, and accept that the pictures would reflect the rather chaotic situation in which I found myself. Choosing a wider lens than usual forced me to work closer to the subject, which helped this one also perhaps. The look in the masked fellows eye appears in several of the shots. I was told that the bandanna brigade does not like to be photographed, but it was a hopeless wish, given that everyone in the crowd had a camera of some sort.

The ubiquity of gear made me feel a bit superfluous. Looking at the images in Capture One though (such an improvement over the make-do on the Linux laptop I took along!) makes me think otherwise. The beautiful color and detail that the M8 provides must set these shots apart from the others. At least I hope that the cell-phone cameras are not this good yet!


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