Monday, June 27, 2005


We are in Brussels now. I have found an internet cafe with a flat screen, and it seems that I may be able to burn a CD here. I had some burned in Amsterdam before we left, but it appears that the software reduced the resolution of the images. The fellow at the shop was not quite expert in the machine, as it had just been delivered, and the folks from Fuji had not come to teach him about it yet.

I want to thank all of you who have written me, I am sorry that I am such a poor correspondent, but it seems that all of my internet time is absorbed by blogging, fighting with cd recording software (I just got another error .... argh) and making onward bookings. Gus and I are having a great time, and that is where most of the time goes. I hope the blog can serve in some measure in place of more email.

I should briefly mention some highlights of Amsterdam. I loved the Rembrandt Huis. He had a sort of museum in the house, full of armor and insects, and pictures. Also a huge room to paint in (the largest in the house) and a printing press, and so on. I really want a house like that ...

Of course the funny thing is that the reason that they know what he had is that he went bankrupt. There was an inventory made for the auction, and that is where the museum got the ability to recreate the house.

The culinary hightlight may have been the pancake with Leiden cheese. The cheese was flavored with cloves, and was very very good. Gus liked it too.

The cafe is about to close, so I must sign off.


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