Thursday, June 23, 2005

Church interior

Church interior, originally uploaded by efroymson.

This was from a while back. I really like the effect. I held the shutter open manually, it is not hard to calculate exposure that way, when they are really long. This was 125 speed film, and about a four second exposure. I like the way time acts as a sort of "flashlight" allowing the reflected light to fill in the dark corners. Of course the lamps in the picture are completely blown out, but that is fine by me.

After taking this picture, we went to see "Sin City" which is perhaps not 100% appropriate for 13 y.o. but was another excellent example of the power of Black and White (with some swatches of color).

I finally got my pictures onto a CD, yay! I have another church interior (the Berlin Cathedral) and it is an example of the power of color ... perhaps I will upload it later.

Off to visit a Russian Sub, and some other sites of Hamburg.


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