Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Reflections of Silver

EPSN0735, originally uploaded by efroymson.

In Amsterdam the Rijksmuseum is mostly closed for renovations, but they have the "top 200" things there. I had a hard time photographing the silver through the glass, then I noticed the cool reflection in the glass, and thought that would be better.

Perhaps I should mention that after visiting the i-cafe, we did manage to navigate back to the Lavaterie and pick up our Laundry. This is perhaps the hardest town to find your way around in I have ever visited. It seems to have the same cow path inspired paths as Prague or Boston, but with even shorter streets and smaller squares. We spent a good bit of time walking in circles.

Went to a concert tonight, it was free, but pretty good. Mostly horn music. The woman behind us was speaking in French in a way I could understand (slowly and with an American accent). It turns out that she and her husband are from Berkeley, and in fact live about five minutes walk from my house. Another of those "small world" moments.


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