Sunday, June 26, 2005


Today we went to the Rijksmuseum, and then took a water cycle to the Anne Frank house. The water cycle was a bit annoying, as it was difficult not to overcorrect every time we steered. Eventually Gus began to get the hang of it, and thus got to do most of the steering, except when we came to a particularly tricky canal crossing, or at the end when we had to back in again.

The Rijksmuseum is under renovation, so we did not see the whole thing, just the "top 200" objects. It was not a problem, in fact it was quite nice just to see the masterpieces one next to another. Of course I might have liked to have wandered around a bit more, but I am sure Gus did not mind.

The Anne Frank House is a lot different than I remembered. There is no furniture in it, but there are some video presentations. It was very moving. Gus got a copy of the diary (which neither of us has read) for the trains. It was a bit disturbing to look in the pictures they had of Auschwitz, and notice that we had been on the exact spot depicted in the photographs.


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