Thursday, July 07, 2005

Fantastic Cheese

We went to a modern dance performance last night (Romeo and Juliet). It was in a theater on the Ramblas, at 9:30. We bought tickets at about 8:00, so that did not leave too much time for dinner. We found a place called the Attic almost across the street from the theater. They had English language menus (not surprising given that the Ramblas is a major tourist center) and friendly service, and the salad and entrees were good, but the best was saved for last.

I was very impressed that Gus, a thirteen year old American boy, would select "an assortment of cheeses" as his dessert of choice from a menu that included mousse and cake and so on, but he did. We were pretty full, so we split it. The second best cheese was a relatively mild cheese with carroway or something like it.

The fantastic cheese was a blue cheese that was not mild at all, but was rich, and textured, and delicious and spicy and went very well with the last of the wine.


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