Saturday, July 02, 2005

Nimes and Perpignan

Yesterday was rather a crazy day. After breakfast, which was again very good (the Grand Hotel in Avignon puts on a great spread, delicious cheese, baguettes of regular white bread and an herbed bread that I could not cut (just tore instead) because it was so soft, fruit and yogurt and so on) we went across the street to the Poste to send back to my house some stuff we were tired of hauling around. It was not really cheap, but five minutes later as we were racing to the train station to catch the train to Nimes, it was already obviously worthwhile.

Nimes was great. I just noticed that Gus blogged about the Arena, it was really cool. I was impressed with the stairs up and down, the whole system for getting folks in and out. After almost two thousand years it is still in use, we missed Aida, which I think played last night. There is a contemporary art museum there two, across the street from an old Imperial Temple. We saw an exhibit of recent German art, some of which was rather wild. We both liked the ink drawing of people with balloons attached who were all fighting each other or engaged in other unwholesome activities.

The building is a Norman Foster, and has columns of its own that are taller, thinner, plainer, and less necessary than the colums on the Temple. Foster's just hold up an awning, which had some wing shaped appendages that looked mobile, and a system for misting water on the cafe patio. It helped.

We almost missed our train to Perpignan, because the fellow who very helpfully printed out a schedule for us only indicated two of the trains that required reservation. Fortunately we were able to get a reservation with about four minutes to spare.

We had a hard time finding any place open late last night, and so had a Quick, but not very good, dinner.

Today we went to the beach not too far from here, took out a sea kayak for an hour, got burned (or maybe tanned, more likely in Gus's case than mine) swam a bit, and went on a short cruise. Had some really good fish for dinner. Gus's tuna was better than my Lotte in orange sauce.


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