Sunday, March 12, 2006

Self portrait with gloves

Self portrait with gloves, originally uploaded by efroymson.

This gives you some idea what I look like walking around Copenhagen. Picked the gloves up on Friday, they are thin enough I can still work the controls on my camera. They are lined, so they do keep my hands reasonably warm.

I had to race through Schiphol to get on my flight (we were late arriving from Tel Aviv, and I had booked a very short layover). There was even Schengen border control between the concourses, but there was no line, so I made it. My luggage did not make it, so on Friday I was without my outer jacket and scarf. Had to use a baseball cap instead of my classy tweed one you see here. I got the gloves because I don't already have such a pair, so I thought it would not be too outrageous a purchase. Also my hands were turning red and felt awful.

I made it to the symphony on Friday. It was great to see Slatkin again after more than twenty years. At least I know I am not the only other American in town! I seem to have misplaced the program. The first piece was three Russian folksongs, by Rachmaninoff. I did not like it much. The second was a work for Baritone and Chorus by Shostakovich, it was magnificent. Slatkin was always great with him. The final piece was Tchaikovsky's Sympony no. 6, the Pathetique. By that point exhaustion began to overtake me, and I was having a lot of trouble concentrating on the music. The false ending was terrific though.

Shortly after I got back to my hotel, the luggage arrived. That worked out pretty well, since it enabled me to take the train in from the airport, which would have been a lot harder with all my bags.

Yesterday I visited the Geology museum, and the State Art museum. Took some pictures in the Geology Musem, so will perhaps blog them.


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