Tuesday, February 15, 2005


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I visited the museum formerly known as the Prince of Wales museum (now like half the things in Bombay it is named after Shivaji) today. I took a few photos, until I was told not too. It was a little unclear where it was allowed, and where not.

Anyway, this is one of my favorites. The entire zodiac is on this one, but I took this section because of the Mogen David on it. Very cool.

There were also some magnificent miniatures, jades, stuffed animals (including a huge sawfish, and some very impressive tigers), snuff bottles, more weapons, etc.

Worth the visit I think.

Tomorrow very early I fly to Calcutta, I am not looking forward to waking up for that. Actually it will be lucky if I get any sleep at all, as the Hotel Supreme seems to specialize in Nocturnal Noise. There is a phone in the hall that rings occasionally, and intermittent scraping and rattling sounds. My room is equipped with an air-con unit, but no window (there is one in the attached bath) so the street noise is kept well down.

Last night I had beer and Papadoms for dinner, as I was hosting an alcoholic retired law professor. He had a severe limp from an accident, but he could drink beer rather well. Once again I regretted breaking my rule of not getting involved in conversations with anyone here ...

I am planning on checking out the Hare Krishna festival, and getting something a bit more substantial for dinner.


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