Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bordeaux is very hot

The previous message was supposed to have been published yesterday, but Blogger was not well, and could not post it.

It is incredibly hot here, hotter than Barcelona or Perpignan or Avignon or anywhere else we have been. We have not done too much today, as the heat defeats my ability to plan. Perhaps tomorrow we will try to make an excursion to St. Emilion in the morning, before our train to Paris. Perhaps the Caves will be cool.

Had a pretty good lunch today, though it remains somewhat difficult to find food meeting my preferences. The first place we inquired at was pretty much "huitres et boeuf", or oysters and beef, neither of which was okay. Did find a place with real fish just a bit further down.

Have been reading instapundit, miss the commentary. Even paying for it, as we are at another i-cafe.


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