Friday, July 15, 2005

Broiling in Paris

We have arrived in Paris, which is also very hot. Went to St. Emilion this morning, which was very pretty. Tasted lots of good wine, bought a few bottles. Went down into a cave, carved out of the limestone the town is built over. Other than the severe difficulties with finding our directions, it was a great morning. The TGV to Paris was pleasant enough. Oddly there were no stops between Bordeaux and Paris, making it a pretty quick trip.

Picked up my glasses from the Opticien near the Gare d'Lyon, they came out quite well I think. Wearing them now. Wandered around a bit, went to the Bastille in honor of yesterday (not that there is much to see there) then ate around there. Stopped by the Centre Pompidou to take a look at the inside out building, and the fountain.

It is deeply unpleasant in here, as there is no A/C for the computers or the humans in this hall.


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