Monday, July 18, 2005


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Leaving France tomorrow morning, so this is our last day here. A little sad. Took a lot of pictures of fireworks, more on Flickr (and still more not). That was on Bastille Day in Bordeaux. Here in Paris we have visited the Jewish Quarter, a few museums, including the Louvre, the Picasso museum, Victor Hugo's house, and a museum of the history of Paris. Disappointed in the latter in that the only reference to the "terror" that I could find was a tiny model of a guillotine. Apparently the French are not so proud of that part of their history.

Last night had some felafel at a moderately expensive place near the Pantheon. Highlight was the Saudi sisters at the next table smoking hookahs. They left in a chauffered Mercedes. One corrected my Arabic, apparently Salaam Aleikhem is only "hello", for goodbye you say "ma-a-salaam".
We went to two concerts yesterday, both in churches. The first was near Les Halles, and was a short (.5 hour) organ recital. Just two pieces. The first was good, the second rather strange. Sounded like random synthesizer music actually. After the concert a service began. Got a small bite nearby, "Italien" crepes. They were simple, mozarella, tomato, olive oil and pepper, but really, really good. It is odd how suddenly you will find something that is much better than you expect. If you want to find the place, it is a little shop (no seating that I saw) just across from the escalators that go down to Rambuteau.

Second concert was 3 Bach Cello pieces. The young man playing them was helped by the excellent acoustics, and impaired by the heat, and the need to compete with singing birds. I enjoyed it.


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