Monday, September 25, 2006

Bay Area Real Estate

Yesterday we went up to do a little hike at Huckleberry preserve, off of Skyline drive. On the way we saw numerous "for sale" signs, and could not help ourselves from checking one out. It was a downslope house, just across from Huckleberry. Four stories, huge kitchen, bathrooms all over, etc. It even has an elevator! On the way out we were chatting with the Agent. He pointed to the giant I Beams that you could see under the garage (like many downslopes the top level is where you park). Mentioned that "this house is not going anywhere". I said "until the hillside goes".

He then said "the hill isn't going anywhere". Which I guess you would have to believe if you were living in that place, and to a lesser extent if you were selling it. In an area with mudslides, fires and earthquakes it seems a bit risky to live in a place vulnerable to all three. At least it is far enough up the hill not to be drowned in the event of a rise in sea levels from Global Warming ...


  • Hi Robert --

    Having been both an engineer and a realtor, I gotta say that the jury is still out on which profession exudes the most hubris about houses staying in place on slippery slopes.

    BTW -- are you and Jeana working with an agent yet?? :-)

    -- Amelia

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 November, 2006 13:24  

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