Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom, originally uploaded by efroymson.

My Mother had a birthday recently. Jeana arranged a surprise party at Scalo's. Mom was actually surprised, which was itself kind of a surprise, given that we had a dozen or so of her friends in on it.

Photo details: CV 25mm with IR filter, and flash. ISO 320, 125th, f8.There is definitely some vignetting from falloff, I am not sure why. I really like the colors I get with the camera. WIth glasses the framing is somewhat iffy on the 25mm.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Gus at Moma

Gus at Moma, originally uploaded by efroymson.

We were in NYC for a bit before Passover. Gus is holding some items that were part of another artwork. Apparently you were supposed to carry one of those things into a little room. A woman walked out of the room while we were there, and was a bit perturbed. She started to tell the guard that there was a mirror in there, and she really really wanted to smash the mirror with the plaster-on-wire object.

It gave us the idea for a lot of new works of art, perhaps something like Duchamp's famous "fountain" (the work he signed Mutt, if I recall aright) only with a sign suggesting that people go right ahead and use it. Then they would get in a fight with the guard and that would be fun:

"But the sign says ..."
"The sign is part of the artwork, it is not really an instruction"
"How was I to know?"
"I am here to tell you ..."

It would be terrific!

We did a lot of things in NYC, we saw Spamalot, which was terrific, and Eugene O'Neil's "Moor for the Misbegotten" which was also great, especially because it had Kevin Spacey in it. Colm Meaney, who we recognized from Star Trek, was also very good, as was the actress.

Ate a lot of good food too including at one Glatt Kosher place in midtown that was a packed madhouse right up to its 10:00 closing on the wednesday night we arrived.