Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Avoid 88 minutes

We take a break from our regularly scheduled blog programming to alert you to one of the worst movies of all time: 88 minutes. You might think it sounds cool: Al Pacino has 88 minutes to live, and has to figure out who is trying to kill him. You are right, it does sound cool, but the movie is awful.

I feel so guilty that my dollars might have been toted up and will somehow encourage more viewers (are there folks who don't read reviews, but do check the gross?) that I feel compelled to post on this gynophobic mess. It is intended to be a Psychological Thriller (one assumes) but it is neither Psychological nor Thrilling. The action is dull, the characters unmotivated, the red herrings and loose ends too numerous to mention.

Perhaps if you are interested in what makes an awful movie awful, you can wait for it to show up in a Red Box near you, and pay $1 for the "experience". In closing, it is so bad that I started to wonder if Pacino was wearing a wig. He sure has a lot of hair.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Clarence in Spain

Clarence and I are standing on the Roman Bridge in Cordova. This from our trip a couple of weeks ago.