Wednesday, September 03, 2008

"Country matters more than Party"

Heard Lieberman talking to an AIPAC group this morning, he told some lovely stories from his most recent to trip to Israel with John McCain. When people ask me why I support McCain, I usually tell them that like Lieberman, I am an Independent Democrat for McCain. Certainly no one can argue against the notion that country matters more than party. Well, except for those who call Lieberman a traitor I guess.

Like Lieberman, it became obvious to me that the Democratic party decided to allow partisan attacks on the President to take the place of serious engagement in the fight against Islamofascism. A good argument can be made that we ought not to have gone into Iraq, but I can see no argument for losing the war we are fighting against those who cut off heads and blow up school children. That is what I told a reporter for the Washington Post today, so I suppose it is safe to mention it here.

It is indeed ironic that on the day of the anti-war protest (the one I was photographing Monday) the US handed over control of Anbar Province to the Iraqis. The same Anbar province that not too long ago we were told had been "lost" to Al Qaeda. The same province that would indeed have been lost to Al Qaeda had we given up, as so many of Joe Lieberman's colleagues in the Senate wished us to do.

Two of those Senate colleagues are running on the Democratic ticket this year. It is true that Sarah Palin has not had much experience in foreign policy. But she never advocated for the US to lose this war, and that puts her head and shoulders above Biden and Obama.


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