Monday, September 01, 2008

proned, or "we always get the slow one"

After taking a bunch of pictures of protesters in all their glory I sat down to eat and have some beer. The camera was off, and the day was almost over. Until this. I really don't know what the situation was, but there were a group of folks dressed about like the guy on the ground walking down the street, followed by the cops you see here. The anarchists broke into a run as they entered the pedestrian plaza, and the cops started to shout and run after them.

The other anarchists made good their escape, as they were not as heavily laden as the officers. One of the cops quipped "we always get the slow one" which counts in some circles as police brutality (he *humiliated* me, man!), perhaps. After about 20 minutes they let this fellow go again.

The crowd reaction was interesting. Lots of people cheered the police when they made the arrest, but then some people cheered this guy when he came back. A different group of people probably.


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