Sunday, December 06, 2009

King Obama and Queen Palin

Want to create a stir with your left-wing friends? When they are trying to figure out what Palin is, tell them that you think that she is the Republican Obama. By which of course you mean that she embodies the virtues most prized by Republicans, just as Obama embodies Democrat's. He is sophisticated, thoughtful, nuanced. He embodies in a literal way the racial tolerance we all strive for. She is forthright, tough, independent, and nobody's fool.

It is really too bad that we do not have an elected Royalty in this country. I thought when Obama was running that he was a perfect example of the sort of person that we should point to as an example of what it is possible to achieve here, but that I would rather he did not have much of a role in determining our nations policies. I feel pretty much the same way about Palin, though I like her positions on some things better than his. But she too has come up from humble roots, and can perhaps function best as an example of what it is possible to achieve.

Can't we elect them as King and Queen of America, a purely ceremonial role? They can give speeches and cut ribbons, and someone who loves America as much as she does, and thinks about it as much as he does, can actually run the place. If we do it right, it won't even require a constitutional amendment.


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