Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kos Kid goes on Jerry Springer

Jerry: Today we are talking about one night stands. Ever have a
one night stand, then scrupulously avoid that person for years?
Today we confront our guests with the one night stand they
never wanted to be seen with again!

Kos Kid: Thanks for having me on the show. This is almost as cool as Yearly Kos.

Jerry: Here she is! Your one night stand!

{ A beautiful woman with clear grey eyes and classic proportions
walks onto the stage. She is wearing a pleated white dress and
has an elegant shawl around her shoulders. The audience gasps.
This is not the sort of woman one expects on the Jerry Springer show! }

Woman: Hello.

Kos Kid: I don't think I know you.

Woman: We used to be acquainted, but as Jerry said,
you have spent the last several years avoiding me.

Kos Kid: Really?

Woman: Yes. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Truth.

Kos Kid: That is nonsense. I have the truth right here in my pocket.

{pulls out a thin piece of paper, starts folding it up}

Woman: That is lovely origami paper.

{Kos Kid finishes what he is folding, it is a delightful miniature oil

Kos Kid: See! It was blood for oil! There were no WMD!

Woman: Don't you remember that Bush talked about bringing
Freedom to Iraq in the 2003 State of the Union?

{Kos Kid clasps his hands over his ears}

Woman: And that he was recommending Natan Sharansky's book
"The Case for Democracy"?

Kos Kid: La la la!!! I can't hear you!!! Bush lied, people died!

Woman: Remember the election? The purple fingers? How the terrorists hate that?

{Kos Kid is trying not to listen, but the voice of Truth is loud and

Woman: Zarqawi was in Iraq before the invasion, and now he is dead. Iraq is the place terrorists go to die.

{Kos Kid explodes in a rage and runs across the room his fingers extended. Before he can throttle Truth the bouncers grab him and wrestle him to the floor}

Audience: Jer-ry! Jer-RY!! JER-RY!!!


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