Sunday, August 27, 2006


slip, originally uploaded by efroymson.

Maskaev slipped a number of punches like this in the middle and later rounds. In the early rounds it looked all Rahman. I really like "slipping" since it was invented by the Jewish boxer Daniel Mendoza. Before Mendoza boxing was just a slugging contest.

The Rahman-Maskaev fight was preceded by a number of fights, including several in lower weight classes. After those guys left, and the heavyweights showed up, it seemed like the ring was smaller.

I took these pictures with the 90mm on the RD-1. I think it was about 1/60th and F4. The lights over the ring were very bright, I had to wear a baseball cap to see clearly. My seat was pretty good, but the HBO cameraman blocked a lot of the ring.

Friday, August 25, 2006


jab, originally uploaded by efroymson.

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to go to a Heavyweight championship fight. I was worried, since it seemed odd that there were still tickets available the day before the fight. A little research revealed the reason, Maskaev had beaten Rahman a number of years ago, but since then Rahman had performe well, and Maskaev not so well.

A lot of folks were expecting a quick Rahman victory. They were wrong on both counts.

This shot is from one of the middle rounds. Rahman had been jabbing at will it seemed, and Maskaev was starting to get some back. I seem to recall a moment at the end of the second or third round when Maskaev glared at Rahman. It was such a scary look I felt it from 50 feet away.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Me and Gus

Me and Gus, originally uploaded by efroymson.

We sent Gus to camp earlier this summer. He had a great time. We missed him.

Jeana and me

Jeana and me, originally uploaded by efroymson.

This is a picture of me and ... my fiance!

We are getting married October 22nd.

We are both very hapy.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Satan and Me

Satan and Me, originally uploaded by efroymson.

We went to the LACMA yesterday, since the Getty was closed. This is me doing my best to look like Satan. This bronze was pretty cool. For some reason I do not recall anything but modern stuff at LACMA, even after numerous visits.

What else? Dinner with friends, time at a spa, etc.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Flowers make you happy

Flowers make you happy, originally uploaded by efroymson.

Or maybe they don't. Took this not too far from the Zocalo in Mexico City I think. For some reason I like that pooh sweatshirt.

Used the Industar lens on the Epson. I little soft, but probably hard to tell in the web version.

Friday, August 04, 2006


A couple evenings ago I made some soup. Put in kohlrabi, parsnips, potatoes, mushrooms and kale after simmering garlic and onions in olive oil. Salt, pepper, basil, coriander and a bit of hot oil. Took the vegetables out shortly after adding the kale and ran them through the food processor. Mushed it up pretty good except for the potatoes and the kohlrabi. Put in some spaghetti, though fusilli would have been more appropriate I think.

Just before eating it I threw in a tomato. Got heated up, but not cooked. Was rather tasty I think.

The next day from the fridge it had congealed, but was fine. Smells incredibly rich, perhaps like the original vegetable substance from which the world was created. Okay, maybe not.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Just in time

Looks like we got out of Mexico just in time. The Reforma is closed to traffic, and the Zocalo is a mess. We saw a few protestors there last week, but it seemed pretty normal, kind of like the protestors I remember in the park across from the White House when I lived in DC in the 80s.

In my opinion the demonstration is misplaced. Lopez Obrador has cause for being upset, the defeat was very narrow, and perhaps there was fraud. Outside observers did not detect any but it would not take much to make a narrow loss into a narrow win. All the same there is a legal framework for resolving this, and his demand is to go outside of it. The vote-by-vote recount demanded sounds reasonable, but is not specified. Democracy means the rule of law, not the rule of the mob, even a large one.

Given that AMLO was mayor of Mexico city, it is not surprising that he can attract large crowds there. More worrisome is the reluctance of the local government to do anything about the blocked streets. I am not suggesting that Mexico recreate Tianamen square, but there should be some effort to allow traffic flow.